What is IATF 16949?

What is IATF 16949

If you are searching through the internet to find the meaning of IATF 16949, then you just clicked on the right article! A lot of people are asking the purpose of this standard to determine the general overview as well as its use in the automotive industry. We are first going to provide you a general background as to what IATF 16949 is. This standard first started out as ISO or TS 16949 back in 2009 which is a standard that uses a quality management system specifically modified for the automotive industry.

Starting from its publication, TS or ISO 16949 had received great feedback from various automotive across the globe. This standard integrates and harmonizes various certification systems that are present in the automotive industry. This standard had been so successful that studies have provided that during a global recession back in 2015, automotive industries and organizations that have adopted TS or ISO 16949 had been showing signs of a positive trend on a global scale.

Starting October 3, 2016, the International Automotive Task Force had published a new standard commonly referred to as IATF 16949 which superseded the previous ISO or TS 16949 that had been created in 2009.  This standard had been successful from the moment of its publication by unprecedented feedback provided by the leading automotive industry in the world.

What is IATF 16949:2016’s Quality Management System

As defined by ISO 9001 which promulgates the use of quality management systems across various leading industries worldwide, QMS is a set of standards, practices, procedures, documentation, and records that provide a framework or guideline as to how an organization should deliver a trusted quality of service or product.

However, since ISO 9001 uses a stand-alone quality management system that applies to all organization in general, the automotive industry have determined that it needs to have a specific modification the caters the needs of the specialization and complexity of the internal and external business processes of the automotive industry.

Thus, it led to the creation of IATF 16949:2019 which uses its own set of quality management systems as a framework that is followed and incorporated by using the latest automotive standards worldwide. This led to the best-practices and excellent standard creation by the Automotive Quality Management Systems that uses clear-cut and first-class quality in the production, manufacturing, research, development, assembly, maintenance, and installation of automotive components, services, and products.

Having an IATF 16949 seal of approval means that an automotive organization is employing the same set of standards that automotive leading companies have been using. The standard’s intention is to level the playing field of all automotive businesses across the globe regardless of the organization’s size.

What are the Benefits of Being an IATF 16949 Certified Organization?

  • Increased employee morale which leads to goal congruency to achieve optimum efficiency and effectiveness in the organization
  • Encourages all units of the organization to demonstrate their work with high ethical standards and incorporates social responsibility throughout the organization
  • Identifies those areas poses a risk to the organization as well as providing the fixes to such threats
  • Increases the overall confidence of the organization’s customers by presenting a seal of approval that demonstrates a trusted quality of product and service